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In Memory of Theresa Short, Assistant Park Manager, Kensington Gardens

A day of sunshine and blustery showers which felt more like April than October. About 120 people - Royal Parks staff, contractors, volunteers and friends - gathered in Kensington Gardens to honour, respect and remember Theresa Short, former Assistant Park Manager at KG and colleague to many, who passed away earlier this year.

Theresa was a key player in the Central Royal Parks and KG in particular for some 25 years and she was clearly much loved and appreciated for her diligence, knowledge and overall helpfulness.

This was an impressive turn out by Royal Parks through Andy Williams and his team and contractors to organise a memorable and worthy event with a number of activities which will contribute to the well being and enhancement of the Gardens.

The location was to the East side of the Albert Memorial, on and around the small mounds near The upper Flower Walk where the Diana Walkway sweeps gently over the mounds. There were opportunities to participate and lend a hand in planting several cherry trees, planting bulbs and some shrubs , and sowing and raking meadow seed into the bank areas - all activities which Theresa herself would have enjoyed and appreciated.

Fortunately - with Andy’s foresight - there was a goodly sized marquee pitched on the lawn East of Albert, so when the rains blustered in, we were nicely sheltered - and generously fed and watered. Andy Williams choreographed tributes in which anyone could take the microphone and say a few words of appreciation for and to Theresa. Quite a few did so, including Guild Chair Mike Fitt and Guild members Nick Butler and Simon Richards who were close colleagues of Theresa. Andy wrapped up with a personal tribute and acknowledgements.

We are grateful that the Royal Parks have shared some images of the day with us (Thanks to Scott Smith Social Media Manager).

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