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Royal Hospital Chelsea Meadow Event

This was an event hosted by The Royal Parks [Russell Stevens] with the Royal Hospital Chelsea led by Ric Glenn with recently appointed 2IC Justin Dennis bringing along 5 in-pensioners in their uniform red coats.

The event was to spread seed on the prepared bed around the Pensioners’ Monument in the NW Quarter of the cemetery. This was a repeat of the meadow work undertaken in March 2019. Although that initial meadow was reasonably successful in summer 2019, interruptions to normal operations through 2020 and 21 due to Covid-19 have meant that the grassland/cowparsley had become overdominant.

With the blessing of good weather attendees from TRP, RHC and several volunteers from the Friends of Brompton Cemetery gathered to spread the seed!

After a careful rehearsal, led by Ric, we broadcast the seed to the plot, and some tramped or raked-in. Some of us then strolled down to the Chapel where we were able to see Ric’s painting. It is currently housed in the office [as the chapel is kept as bare architecture]. We then re-assembled at the North Lodge where we were offered a generous lunch. We sat outside chatting with Friends and staff until the roll call for the in-pensioners rung out calling them to to return.

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