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The Floral Tributes; A Pilgrim’s Progress

This is follow-up to a short note I drafted in September for the Royal Parks Guild Bulletin, I was unable to make the long queues for the Lying in State at Westminster Hall, so I set out for my own tribute at Green Park [Thurs 15 Sept]. The shallow valley area [the former channel of the River Tyburn] was fenced off for flower tributes; Royal Parks were diverting tributes which the public had assumed could be placed at Buckingham Palace and along The Mall to this area of Green park as it was necessary to keep those“up front” areas clear for the numerous rehearsals and for the State Funeral.

Many, many thousands of flowers were already laid out – some in clear patterns and shapes – initially laid out as Royal Parks staff made the relocations – but other patterns spontaneously growing as public expression, on the ground and massed around tree trunks.

People are here freely – amongst community – as witness to the powerful scene and quiet emotions. At Thursday, we are still 4 days away from the State Funeral; and I resolved to follow this through. How much more will build up? And how will the ground be respected and restored in the following days. Hence this idea of collecting a pilgrim’s diary.

For Richard’s complete diary from 15 September to 10 October please click here.

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