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The Guild Awards

Every year the Guild recognises and celebrates people associated with the Guild family however they are involved.

This take the form of awards for:

  • Long Service

  • Lifetime Achievement

  • Outstanding Achievement

  • Outstanding Contribution

  • Wildlife Conservation

Sir David Attenborough receiving the Guild's Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Wildlife Conservation in the Royal Parks (2017).

The Apprenticeship Awards

The Royal Parks Apprentice scheme is supported by Guild members who form part of the Apprenticeship Board.

There are four categories of awards which are given annually to apprentices, at different stages of the scheme.

The Four Categories

The George Cook Award

This is given for outstanding commitment and achievement over the course of the apprenticeship scheme.

It is sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Gardeners and presented at the Livery's Autumn Court Dinner.

Quality or Significant Improvement of Academic and Practical Work Award

This goes to an apprentice who has shown a consistently high standard in their work quality over their time as an apprentice and shown exceptional improvement over the year.

Evidence of Self-learning and Development Award

This goes to the apprentice who has taken a proactive approach to their learning and development.

Asking  for books, seeking out talks and seminars, using their on-the-job  experience and the skills and experience of their colleagues to broaden  their knowledge of horticulture.

The Toni Assirati Award

This award is dedicated to the memory of Toni Assirati.

It is given to someone who shows a ‘Positive Influence on Others, Society and the Environment’

Young Horticulturist of the Year Award

We are proud to sponsor the London in Bloom 'Young Horticulturist of the Year' Award which is presented at the London in Bloom annual prize giving.

The Jeanette Lawton Bowl

This is awarded to a person or company that has made an outstanding contribution to Wildlife Conservation within the horticultural industry.

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