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What We Do

Being a Member

We keep our members informed of news about London's Royal Parks, places once managed by the Royal Parks and other park related topics.  We keep in touch with former and current colleagues and others associated with the parks, past and present.

We run activities, bring people together, and share information through social media, newsletters and e-bulletins. The Guild helps to create a sense of family – with a personal touch and sometimes, providing support when members are in need.

The Guild Family

We include, in the Guild Family, those who have, or had, an association with the iconic eight parks, Brompton Cemetery and Victoria Tower Gardens managed by the Royal Parks Charity or parks and gardens previously managed by the Royal Parks such as Home Park and the historic gardens of Hampton Court Palace (managed by Historic Royal Palaces).

The Guild Awards

We give awards to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the management, care and conservation of the parks.

For involvement in an individual park or many, the awards are open to all, be it staff, volunteers or others associated with the parks, past and present.

Apprenticeship Awards

This is for Royal Parks Apprentices to celebrate their success throughout their apprenticeship.

Heritage Research

Helping to bring the past back to life with interesting stories, images, artefacts and oral history recordings.

We  have a research team of Guild volunteers who seek out historical  information which informs projects, podcasts, events, interpretation and  more...

Career Support

We actively support those entering/developing their career within our industry. We are delighted to be able to help people who approach us for advice and support.

One of our success stories is the support we provide to the Royal Parks' Apprenticeship Scheme with advice and encouragement from our volunteer experts.

Our annual Apprentice Awards scheme celebrates the achievement and dedication of individual apprentices and Royal Parks Apprenticeship Scheme overall.

The Guild 'Discovery Days' project is for horticultural trainees and apprentices helping us to inspire the next generation - supported by volunteers and Growing Generations partner organisations.

Online Talks

We have members who are excellent in their field and bring this to us in the form of an online talk. With guest panellists who contribute to the conversation.

Through this we enable our members to participate in the Guild no matter where they live.

We cover a broad range of subjects including gardening, wildlife conservation, sustainability, planting design and landscape architecture.


Members and supporters all have one thing in common – a desire to see the parks kept at the forefront of horticultural, environmental, landscape and cultural excellence.

For some, through their membership of Guild, this takes the form of becoming a volunteer or assisting in the activities of the parks or helping with the management of the Guild itself.

Others support apprenticeship initiatives, researching and recording the history and heritage of the parks, helping organise Guild visits and events, assisting with the award ceremonies or contributing to the e-bulletin and newsletter. 

We are volunteers

Volunteering is what makes the Guild possible

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