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Frieze London and Frieze Masters

What an absolute delight to see the two major art shows go so well in The Regent’s Park. The glittering four day event under the covered white canvases of the two shows is quite breathtaking.

Walking into the Parks and then being immersed in the art world. Frieze London, being the original and larger has its own special vibe – and this year the Thomas Dane award winning stand had giant leather pumpikins!

The smaller, calmer Frieze Masters is like walking into an incredible collection of art, artefacts, ancient books and maps.

Let us not forget the sculpture park that comes along with the fairs. The placement of sculpture in the English Gardens next to the Avenue Gardens gives something for the public to enjoy free of charge. The large pillow structures standing out in their vibrant glory and intriguing signs and playful seating. Much to be enjoyed.

There is still time to explore the Frieze sculpture park for free and you can view the online guide here:

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