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Vertical Farming with Square Mile Farms

This innovative company will be teaming up with the Guild to demonstrate vertical farming at the next apprentice Discovery Day being held on October 1st at Kew Gardens.

Their story is told here.

'Our journey began at the top of Heron Tower in London’s Square Mile district. Looking out onto the rooftops below one of our founders was struck by how grey everything was. Having recently heard of vertical farming he saw a huge potential to integrate this technology into the built environment.

He imagined new cityscapes where people could eat produce grown right next to where they lived and worked, where plants filtered polluted air and where people participated in agriculture and felt empowered to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Shortly after, he connected with his other founders and together they set up Square Mile Farms to create inspirational new spaces for the city of the future.

We do this by integrating vertical farms into office spaces and creating unique engagement experiences through events and farm participation. One of these events is the City Crops Farm being hosted in Devonshire Square during July.”

Liverpool Street station is one of the capital’s busiest transport hubs. Tens of millions of passengers pass through it each year but few may know of the vibrant square that can be found just moments away.

‘Hidden gem’ is a phrase that’s often banded around, but Devonshire Square is a prime example of such a place. Leaving Liverpool Street Station and heading east, crossing Bishopsgate and walking down New Street, you’ll reach Devonshire Square (DSQ) within just a few minutes. Passing underneath the archway, you’ll enter the covered courtyard which is where the fun begins.

Devonshire Square hosts City Crops Farm, born out of a partnership between Nuveen and Square Mile Farms, bringing food growing back to the city. In the 16th century, Devonshire Square and its surrounding area thrived as an agricultural hub. While the landscape has transformed since then, this partnership reconnects us back to our roots and local community.

Urban agriculture has many benefits, from enhancing food security by providing local, reliable sources of fresh produce, to creating a low carbon food alternative.

Throughout the month of the installation, there will be a range of events in the space. From local restaurants hosting tasting experiences with ingredients fresh from the farm to ‘Six Inches of Soil’ documentary screening, there is something to be enjoyed by everyone


10 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YE

Directions: Enter DSQ along New Street, go straight through the archway and the City Crops Farm is on the right

Opening Dates:

25th of June to the 26th of July

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday from 9.30 am to 8 pm

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