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Primrose Hill

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

This article was published on Friday 28 February 1908 in the St Pancras Gazette.

Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill

This beautiful Open Space consists of fifty acres, of which fifteen acres are in St Pancras. The Government, shortly after the attempt in 1837 to convert the ground into a cemetery, was induced to purchase, on the part of the Crown, for the good of the people, the hill and the adjacent ground to the extent of nearly sixty acres from Eton College and Lord Southampton at £300 per acre.

Arrangements were then made in 1842 for laying out the ground and forming a picturesque connection between the hill and Regent’s Park. On the summit is Shakespeare Oak, planted by Samuel Phelps, an eminent tragedian, on the tercentenary of the bard’s birth, April 23, 1864.

Does the Shakespeare Oak still survive?

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